Total and Permanent Disability Accidents

What is a TPD Claim?

A TPD Claim is referred to as a total and permanent disability claim, entitles you to pay a lump sum if you have suffered an injury or illness that prevents you from returning to work at the same level or capacity you were able to before the accident. In order to be eligible for a TPD lump sum you must show you can’t ever go back to your usual job or any other suitable work that fits your education, training or experience. For example if you have only ever done manual work and can’t do that type of work now it won’t matter if the doctor says you are fit for an office job or less laborious role. Most people with an injury or illness will qualify for a TPD benefit.

If you’ve suffered an injury because of somebody else, we are here to help you take the first steps to claiming compensation. Contact us on 1800 536 752 today for jargon-free, impartial advice on a no win, no fee basis.

Am I eligible to make a TPD claim?

Your eligibility to make a total and permanent disability claim depends on the requirements laid  out in your specific policy, as decided by the insurer or superfund in question - simply get in touch with us for free to easily assess if you are able to claim.

The criteria often varies from insurer to insurer and superfund to superfund but some common requirements for making a claim include:

  • Level of disability - before making a TPD claim it’s likely you will have to show you are suffering a minimum threshold of disability. Often this considers your ability to return to your previous role, or work at all.
  • Your Superfund - Your ability to lodge a TPD insurance claim often depends on whether cover is included in your superannuation fund. If unsure get in touch with your superfund or contact Kemp Law for further assistance.
  • Before lodging a claim most policies will require a waiting period after the date of your accident. This helps allow for all the injuries and symptoms sustained to stabilise so the full extent of damage can be determined.
  • Some policies require you too satisfy a minimum level of employment before you are eligible to seek a TPD claim payout. This is usually calculated in the form of total length of employment or number of weekly work hours.

What will be looked into for my TPD claim?

When making an assessment for your claim, your insurance provider will often look at a range of factors including your level of disability, including whether you’ve lost a limb, loss of eyesight or any other physical or mental function. They will also look at your ability to perform another role or different duties with the same employer. Your insurer and superfund will also look at whether you can no longer perform any type of employment, or if you’re unlikely to ever work again, things they look out for are:

  • Whether you have been continually absent from work for a certain period of time
  • Ability to perform daily tasks and activities
  • If you require on-going medical care or rehabilitation.

How do I make a TPD claim and what are my options?

If you think you are eligible to make a TPD claim or have any questions contact Kemp Law for free initial advice and one of our friendly qualified staff members will happily answer any questions you may have. It’s our promise to you that we can put you in touch with a no win no fee solicitor that is a specialist in TPD compensation, who will provide a free case review to determine your prospects of successfully claiming under your superannuation policy. 

Getting in touch with us and using one of our no win no fee TPD specialists can help you receive your TPD payout significantly faster than self representation through your insurance company. As specialists with years of experience the chances of receiving a successful outcome are far greater through Kemp Law.

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