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29 January 2020 by ABC News

Millions of superannuation fund members are paying standard insurance premiums for sub-standard cover that only pays out in the most extreme cases.

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24 January 2020 by Kemp Law

What to know about working in smoky conditions

Amid thick bushfire smoke in cities including Canberra and Melbourne, employers need to consider their legal obligations. Some companies have directed their workers not to turn up in order to avoid potential occupational health and safety risks.

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21 January 2020 by Chris O'Keefe for Brisbane Times

'It's in your hair, on your skin': Stonemason claims work on Parliament House caused terminal disease

Mr Scott has lived in Canberra most of his life but was recently forced to move to Broome because the cold weather over winter was making his condition worse... Scott is now using an oxygen tank 16 hours a day, can't work or play with his grandson and needs a double lung transplant.

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17 January 2020 by Kemp Law

The new mobile phone laws in Queensland are getting tougher then ever

Queensland’s getting tough on people who use their mobile phone behind the wheel. As of 1 February 2020, fines for using your phone while driving will more than double....

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13 January 2020 by ABC News

Man killed in workplace accident at central Queensland mine

A 33-year-old man has been killed in a workplace accident at a mine in central Queensland, police have confirmed. Queensland Ambulance Service said it responded to reports that a patient had become trapped in machinery.

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13 December by Matt Dennien for Brisbane Times

Court upholds ex-policeman's claim against insurer over fatal crash

A former Queensland police officer left traumatised by a fatal car accident he attended in the line of duty has had a decision to grant him more than $1 million in damages upheld.

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